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Our process

Our investment philosophy is underpinned by a proven process which ensures our clients achieve their financial goals.

The key stages of our process are:

  • Establish a Risk Profile
  • Choose a suitable Investment Vehicle
  • Discuss Asset Allocation
  • Investment Fund Selection
  • Regular Reviews

Establishing Your Risk Profile

We have a clear process which identifies exactly what type of investment strategy your personal circumstances, attitudes and objectives dictate. Most importantly this process ensures that the strategy continues to meet your requirements if and when your circumstances change.

Selecting a Spread of Assets for your Portfolio

At Intuitive we are flexible in terms of what funds we choose for our clients aligned to the investment vehicle. Strategic asset allocation while being an important factor of portfolio performance, is not always the answer for every client. We work alongside our clients and offer the choice of using a panel of funds selected by Intuitive or model portfolios from various product providers, thus ensuring the client is happy and confident with the investments they are making.

Intuitive Investment Fund Selection

We perform constant research, due diligence, and performance analysis of all the funds on our selected panel. These funds are reviewed, as a minimum, every six months and should the need arise in between for one or more of them to be removed or altered we do this. Our research is gathered from places such as City Wire, OBSR and Ibbotson Associates who are all recognised fund research organisations within the financial services arena.

Portfolio Monitoring

Each client is an individual in our eyes and as such they may need their portfolio reviewed every quarter or once a year. Using our dedicated back office systems software no client goes outside their agreed timescale thus ensuring you achieve your objective whatever life stage you are at. This could be as simple as reviewing your ISAs annually, or helping you achieve your desired income through income drawdown arrangements or phased retirement.