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When we take out a protection product for you we may be offered a commission from the provider for doing this. We will disclose this at the outset and give you options to pay us a fee instead.

For all other business intuitive charge a fee. Please ask for a copy of  'Our schedule of fees'.

Annual Funds Under Management

This is usually an advice charge where our service proposition includes ongoing management, rebalancing and administration work carried out by us throughout the year.

This will be paid for under our Client Agreed Remuneration options or Adviser Charging and agreed with you at the outset so you know exactly what you will be paying and what level of service you will receive.

A Set Fee

This is where we may be providing you with a one off piece of advice or offer ongoing support relating to financial issues, client contact or schemes that a business may operate.

We will agree the fee at the outset and clearly outline what you will receive for this fee. 

If you have to pay VAT we will let you know.

Ad Hoc Fees

This would be tailored to each particular client depending on the service required.

This would be useful for clients who want to transact business outside of their normal ongoing needs or service over and above the agreed level with Intuitive.

Client Agreed Remuneration

All of our clients have the option of paying fees in the form of a cheque from their own reserves or by  having the cost of advice deducted from their investments in the form of Client Agreed Remuneration or Adviser Charging.

We will clearly illustrate how much any advice will cost and what level of service you will receive.